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Commercial and Industrial Insulation Contractors


Unitherm's capabilities covers applications for all conceivable commercial and industrial systems including the pulp and paper industry, the plastics industry, food processing, refrigerated dairy operations, petroleum and many others. Unitherm is a full-service mechanical systems insulation contractor with the technical expertise necessary for any project.

Industrial and Plant Maintenance Contractors

Industrial Maintenance

Unitherm focuses on building relationships with each client. We understand the role thermal control plays in plant efficiency. We have certified insulation energy appraisers available to assess your most efficient solution.

Heat Tracing Contractors

Heat Tracing

Heat tracing is just as essential as insulation in a temperature critical process. Unitherm works with client to implement a steam, electric or hot water tracing system for any project.

Industrial Scaffolding Contractors

Industrial Scaffolding

As a multi-service provider, Unitherm has access to all four major scaffolding systems and we have provided our services under all five of the commonly used contracting methods. We are not contractually tied to any of the scaffolding systems or construction methods. Unitherm will provide you the system and contracting method that works best for you and your unique circumstances.