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There are four scaffolding systems in common use in construction today – Pin Lock; Cup Lock; Tube and Clamp; and Automatic Lock. There are at least five commonly used methods of contracting scaffolding in today’s construction market.

The five common contracting methods are: Time and Material; Composite Rate; Cubic Foot Rate; Vertical Leg Rate; and Lump Sum.

Do you know what system and contracting method is best for you?

As a multi-service provider, Unitherm has access to all four major scaffolding systems and we have provided our services under all five of the commonly used contracting methods.

We are not contractually tied to any of the scaffolding systems or construction methods. Unitherm will provide you the system and contracting method that works best for you and your unique circumstances.

If you would like a Scaffolding Contractor who understands all these systems and contracting methods and will help you understand them as well, please contact one of our convenient branch offices so we can get that process started or e-mail us at