Safety Unitherm
Safety Cold Storage, Industrial, Commercial Insulation Contractors

2017 EMR 0.69

We are proactive in promoting the health and well-being of our employees and in creating an injury free environment. When a company truly commits itself to safety, it can create a workplace in which employees can reasonably expect to have a career free of injury and illness. While Unitherm’s EMR rate of 0.69 is very good compared to industry standards, we believe that all accidents are preventable.

Our safety policy is based on the following principles:

To promote safety in the workplace and on the jobsite, we have adopted and consistently enforce our policy to operate in a safe, responsible manner, which emphasizes and respects the health and safety of all personnel.

Unitherm promotes a safe workplace with a safety incentive program that rewards employees for working safely. The incentive program is TEAM based and leads to safe work both individually and as a team.