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Industrial Maintenance

Too often in today’s Industrial Maintenance market, as the buyer, you have to decide between the high hourly labor costs of the big all service firms, and having to manage dozens of smaller specialty contractors.

As a mid-sized company that focuses on building relationships with each client, Unitherm has a third and better alternative. We understand the need to be cost- conscious without sacrificing quality. We can provide most if not all of the services offered by the big companies at prices in line with smaller specialty companies.

Services we routinely provide our satisfied Industrial clients:Industrial Maintenance Contractors




We cross train our people so all of them are capable of performing several of these functions. This saves you money by limiting the number of personnel you must maintain on your plant as well as limiting the amount of non-productive time you would have with lesser qualified personnel.

We can also provide a comprehensive maintenance program for your plant in concert with our GC partner. This means through one contracting entity you can get all the services provided by the big EPC firms at substantially lower rates.

If having a more qualified work force for less money sounds appealing to you, please contact one of our convenient branch offices on the locations page or via e-mail