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What do pulp and paper mills, steel mills, petro-chemical plants, refineries, PET (polyethylene terephthalate) plants, food processing facilities, cement and aggregates plants, auto assembly plants, and manufacturing plants of every description have in common? All need efficient, safe, environmentally responsible insulation systems. Unitherm has successfully completed and supported hundreds of projects in all these types of facilities.

Our Engineering and Construction staff has a combined hundreds of years’ experience in developing solutions and installing insulation on systems for all industrial and process applications. From steam to Dowtherm, jacketed piping to steam traced systems, process duct to clean rooms, columns and towers to heat exchangers and pumps, we have the background and trained work force to complete your project efficiently and on time.

Industrial Maintenance ContractorsWe take the time to understand your particular application and can provide not only the insulation but also the steam, and electrical tracing installations necessary to keep it functioning properly.

Unitherm can work with you to design and install the insulation and temperature control systems you need for your next project – and we want to build a working relationship with you and be your preferred provider for all your future projects.

We can service your Plant Maintenance needs as well. With our customer first approach to business and our cross-trained crews, we can provide you with multiple services at a cost much lower than other firms.

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